Built in Desk
Built in Desk
Built in Desk
Built in Desk
Built in Desk
Built in Desk

Built in Desk

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Custom fitting work area takes advantage of the "Flare out" geometry of the Zome.
Size: Medium - Two panels wide
Color: Dark
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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my Zome?

We ship your Zome by freight one to three weeks after we receive payment.

Do I need a permit?

If you build on a non permanent foundation, most jurisdictions allow for structures under a certain size without permits. Usually they count as storage sheds or auxilliary structures.

We were able to setup Zomes in some of the strictest counties in the US without needing a permit.


You'll need a wooden deck, foundation, or a concrete slab to setup your Zome on.

If you don't have one, and don't want to hire someone to build it, your Zome comes with an optional Foundation Kit. You can assemble that yourself, or we're also happy to assemble it for you.

The Foundation Kit includes a sub floor.

Assembly Time?

Our Zomes were designed to be assembled with no heavy or specialized machinery, after you build your foundation it should take two to three people a weekend to put it together.

You'll need a friend, a ladder, a drill and some good music.

Can you wire it for electric or solar?

Yes! our Zomes come as plug and play, just connect power to the integrated electric system and you’ll have lights and electricity throughout.


You'll need to run plumbing through the deck. We don't provide any.


Our Zomes don't come with HVAC but can be outfitted with one. If you want to install an HVAC unit, we ship a special panel that receives a standalone HVAC exhaust that's compatible with most standalone AC units on the market.

Operable window?

Yes. we can install a crank operated window as part of the viewport package. Contact us if you're interested for more details and a quote.

Wind and Snow?

Zomes are designed to provide a safe and resilient structure suitable for a variety of severe conditions. Strong winds of 140 MPH and snow loads are also taken into account to ensure that the building will withstand the most extreme loading situations. 

We've run our Zome through all kinds of structural analysis, and computer simulations. Because of its' material and shape, we trust that it will be the last building standing in an emergency.


No finished flooring is included with the Zome.


Yes. We initially wanted to make Geodesic domes, but it turns out they are notoriously leaky.

We scratched our design and built our Zomes from the ground up to create a lapped connection between the panels. This, along with our air-tight seal, makes sure water stays where it should.

Interestingly, there's nothing the Zome is made of that rain would ruin or rot. All material is inert and literally water proof. You could submerge it in water, and it wouldn't care.

Is this similar to a yurt?

Yes and no. It's round. Gets assembled in two or three days on a non-permanent foundation.

But, unlike a yurt, it's weather and sound insulated, fireproof, and comes wired for electricity. Also, we think it looks cooler.

Having said that, we love yurts.

Can I paint the interior or exterior?

Yes. Our MgO interior comes ready to paint. No mudding or taping needed. You can paint the exterior as well if you choose but we don't recommend it.

What kind of maintenance is needed?

Pretty much no maintenance is needed. Rodents and insects are not interested in ceramics or foam. Mold doesn't grow in the walls. Moisture has little to no impact. The shell is tough and doesn't settle or warp. No gutters to clean or roof to repair.

If for any reason you needed repairs or replacements on your Zome we would be happy to assist.

Can this function as a fire shelter?

No. Legally, we can't recommend you shelter in our Zomes during a fire. In case of a fire, you should evacuate immediately and follow local authorities’ recommendations.

What we can tell you is that we keep our photo albums and favorite stuffed animals in our Zome, and if we were stuck in a fire and couldn't evacuate, we would shelter there with our kids and pets. 

Do you ship to my country?


You would need to research your customs and clearing but we're happy to pack up your Zome and ship it, we'll give you a detailed shipping quote once you've made your order.

We can also set it up for pickup in our factory in Petaluma if you'd prefer to organize the shipping yourself.

Do you still build full scale Zome Homes?